Visiting Salt Lake City

(Salt Lake City, Utah - UT, USA)

Salt Lake City is alluring city, of great historical and religious significance. Much of the city is dominated by many spectacular buildings of epic proportions, which include both the Salt Lake Temple and the Utah State Capitol. Salt Lake City also features a spectacular mountainous backdrop and many exciting events.

In preparation for the 2002 Olympic Games, central Salt Lake City was renovated and redeveloped, and with modern amenities and world-class attractions, the tourist industry in Salt Lake City continues to thrive.

Visiting Salt Lake City: Places to Visit

  • Assembly Hall, an impressive building completed in the 1870s and known throughout Salt Lake City for its Gothic-style architecture, stained-glass windows and seasonal concerts, often attracting large crowds
  • Beehive House, a listed local historic landmark in central Salt Lake City, standing alongside many modern high-rise buildings
  • Salt Lake City Public Library, a spectacular curving glass-clad building with a vast collection of books and a popular rooftop garden
  • LDS Conference Center, a towering structure which dominates this area of Salt Lake City and can seat more than 20,000 people, hosting many enormous conferences each year
  • Salt Lake Temple, a beautiful religious building towering high over much of central Salt Lake City and opened in 1893
  • Mormon Tabernacle - a historic religious building best known for its regular performance by the acclaimed Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  • Utah's Hogle Zoo, home to more than 1,100 different animal attractions, often known simple as Salt Lake City Zoo and popular with all ages
  • The Delta Center, a vast and important sporting venue, regular hosting basketball games and used during Salt Lake City's 2002 Winter Olympics
  • Eagle Gate, a tall archway dominating the State Street and South Temple area of Salt Lake City, with its namesake being a huge stone eagle standing on the very top
  • Utah State Capitol Building, a magnificent and truly palatial landmark, which is the seat of Utah's government and cost around US$2.7 million to build, completed in 1916
  • Governor's Mansion, a grand building owned by the Utah Historical Society, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century and located along Salt Lake City's East South Temple area
  • Joseph Smith Memorial Building, an impressive landmark owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, comprising two popular places to eat, a small cinema and various seasonal events

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