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(Salt Lake City, Utah - UT, USA)

Salt Lake City stands in the state of Utah and has a population approaching 200,000. Standing on the western side of the USA, Salt Lake City is easy to explore of foot, with a simple grid system and most roads running either north to south, or east to west.

Salt Lake City Orientation: Layout and Directions

The heart of Salt Lake City is home to the starting point of the city's system of road numbers, with Temple Square being located in the downtown district. Overlooking downtown Salt Lake City is the striking State Capitol building, which can be found at one end of State street, in the city's Capitol Hill district. Standing on the western side of this area is Marmalade Hill, a particularly trendy spot filled with coffee shops and outdoor eating areas.

On the northern side of Salt Lake City you will find Wasatch Springs, which is named after its famous natural springs. To the northwest of central Salt Lake City, the scenic Great Salt Lake stands majestically, an impressive and tranquil sight.

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